My previous fanlisting collective was entitled Hated. Loved. Envied., which I often shortened to HaLovEn. I adored this name, but wanted a fresh start with this domain in 2005 ♪


✔ Japanese word for first love
✔ Fluffy
✔ Short

For the new name, I wanted something short, romantic, and preferably in Japanese (about 95% of my fanlistings relates to the Japanese culture, after all XD). I went through the dictionary, fandom terms, and finally turned to song lyrics. I happened to be listening to the song, Ai Araba ~It's All Right~ by one of my favorite J-pop groups, Morning Musume ♪ When I looked up the lyrics, I fell in love with this line:

Japanese: 初恋をした時、どうしたらいいのかわからずに
(Hatsukoi wo shita toki, doushitara ii no ka wakarazu ni)
Translation: What are you supposed to do when you fall in love for the first time?

Hatsukoi translates to first love, in a puppy love sort of way. Not only can I relate to those lyrics, but I am also quite the OTP wh0r hopeless romantic~ ♥ I love everything from fluffy first loves to angsty dark love ★ Canon or not, I end up spending most of my energy in my fandoms on shipping a particular OTP instead of paying attention to the storyline XD; They hold a special place in my heart, and as this would be a name for my little collective of first loves, I knew it was the perfect domain name ♥