Welcome to Hatsukoi, a fanlisting collective housing Annie's fanlistings. Hatsukoi is the Japanese word for first love ♥, and as this is my little collective of first loves, I knew it was the perfect name for me X3 I created my first fanlisting in 2003 for a dear OTP, and I'm still going strong today. I adore the whole concept of creating and maintaining fanlistings, and I hope to continue doing this for as long as I can ♪ Version 2 of the site features Kuran Kaname & Cross Yuuki from the anime/manga series, Vampire Knight, created by Hino Matsuri.

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Hope Estheim
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March 20, 2017
I’ll try to watch out for you too

It took me a while to warm up to Hope Estheim from FFXIII~ while I adored the little guy from the first game, it wasn’t until he aged into a handsome young man in the sequel that I fell completely in love with him ♥ I wanted a design that would live up to his image as a symbol of hope so I made it serene and peaceful ♪

January 31, 2017
Walk tall, my friends

My newest obsession is the recently released Final Fantasy XV game ♥ It is the story of a prince who loses everything when his kingdom falls under siege, and must fight back to reclaim his throne. The design is cool but magical, as if they are in a dream ☆

December 27, 2016
Always, Stand By Me

I got my OTP too! I am proud to present my fanlisting for Sagara Sousuke & Chidori Kaname from the anime/manga series, Full Metal Panic! The design is splashy and fun ☆ They may be surrounded by danger and chaos, but together they can survive anything~ ♥

November 28, 2016
I’m not an amateur… I’m a specialist

My newest fanlisting is for my favorite nerdy action hero, Sagara Sousuke from the anime/manga series, Full Metal Panic! ♥ He is the teenaged mercenary who becomes a one man fighting force to save the most important girl in his life ♥ The design is light but cool, because this dorky hero can sometimes become cool XD;

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